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One of the biggest energy expenses for homes is heating the pool. Using the power of the sun can keep you swimming in the middle of winter.
If you have a pool, you know heating it can run your utility bill through the roof. Fortunately, there are a number of practical steps that can be taken to cut costs.
Many people who complain about the cost of heating their pools fail to take common sense steps to cut the bill. One of the unrealized costs is the power required to run the filter circulation system. Spend the money on a high powered pump and you will save money. The more you pump, the less time it will need to be on.
Next, make absolutely sure you use a cover for the pool. Heat escapes through uncovered surfaces. If you?re not using the pool, put a cover on it just like you would a hot tub. Try to add a solar bubble cover, which will create a bit of water heat by letting the sun in. Regardless, using a pool cover will make a major difference in your utility bill. Don?t be lazy! Make sure you keep the cover on the pool.
Even pool covers can only do so much to keep a pool warm. For some people, cutting the costs associated with warming a pool means going to a solar system. Solar heating systems for pools can be a very cost effective way to keep water warm throughout much of the year without driving your utility bill through the roof.
Solar platforms typically will heat a pool up to around 80 degrees, but not much more. The systems tend to be less expensive than home heating systems because they are smaller and need fewer components. You solar vendor can help you figure out what you need for your particular situation, but the rule of thumb is you need panels totaling half the size of the pool. This can vary based on whether the pool has a dark bottom and is isolated from the wind.
With utility bills soaring, many people are forgoing heating their pools to save money. By taking practical steps and possibly using a solar heating system, you?ll have the glory of swimming in January and not worrying about the utility bill.


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