Title: We Are Simply Careless

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It must be my love and passion (and lots of ‘sensitivity’) for ‘relationship’. I always enjoy seeing how people deal with ‘relationship’ ? any kind of relationship.

Very often I will learn some lessons and wisdom from them.

Just last month I was at my niece’s church wedding.

As usual, I became uneasy when the pastor was giving his ‘speech’. I just didn’t want to hear any message on why we should not be taking the other half for granted.

I have heard too many times on this.

But his message hit me hard this time.

The pastor didn’t use that ‘for granted’ statement throughout his speech. Instead…

“Don’t be careless!” was the one.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I was careless towards my wife’s feeling just…

– when we were leaving for the church,

– when I was driving,

– when I was parking my car,

– when we were crossing the road,

– when my youngest daughter making so much requests,

– when… oh no, I am too ashamed to go on.

Were you careless?

There was once my wife and I were finishing a drama series on TV. This is something we enjoy doing together.

The husband in the story was dying of brain tumor. He could not see.

He could not hear. Well, you know, this is too common in drama. But what he said to his wife ‘woke me up’ (Did it wake my wife up? I was not sure)…

“Darling, I thought it was enough just to listen to your voice when you were talking. Now I really miss looking at you. I was so careless.

I should be looking at you more often.”

Were you careless?

I was.

Are you careless?

I am.

But I am going to be more careful from now on.

Teecee Go

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