Title: Unison Smile and the whole world smiles with you

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Disasters in the world today and how we can overcome the heartche by uniting to help those less fortunate than ourselves at times like this.

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What is wrong with the world today, we have war torn countries battling it out against each other and the shocking sad part about it all is these people are neighbors. Then we have terrorism where we are forced to suspect everyone or anyone around us. Talk of paranoia. Muggings and murders now make the streets even your home a danger zone.

A force in themselves are the hurricanes christened with names that come and rip states apart and tsunamis that have the power to wipe out islands.
No matter what act of god has been dealt on us, it does not compensate for the heartache suffered by the relatives and loved ones of the thousands who perished.

Families where tragedy struck and where they lost a loved one it must be hard for them to accept and come to terms that god was behind this onslaught as some would see it

So much pain forced upon survivors and bereaved persons to bear when these assaults took place, causing havoc worldwide.

God has his reasons why these devastating tragic occurrences take place. Will we ever find out why he takes such actions. I believe it will always remain a mystery with no answers.

For the loved ones you may have lost to a freak of nature murder or on the battle field, those loved ones now stand proudly along side god in heaven. Will we ever find the real reason behind all the hatred and hurt that is going on in this world, do we really want to know? that is question

God holds his hand up to take the blame but gives us all back the courage to too survive an aftermath, and that is for all to unite.

When disasters strike, you notice how easy relief and aid work becomes with everyone pulling together. People that were once strangers bond with each other. It is sad to say that it takes death to get unison

Put hatred behind us and unite together with or without an aftermath then the world can be a better place.

Now that is what I call a major relief. Smile and the whole world smiles with you

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