Title: Unique Graduation Gift: Laser Engraved Crystal Designs Perfect for Graduation Gift

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Laser engraved crystal makes a great unique graduation gift. Here are top five laser engraving designs perfect for graduation.

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Laser engraved crystal is a great unique graduation gift. It is an marvelous way to acknowledge and honor the graduate’s hardwork and accomplishment. Here, you will learn top five laser engraving designs perfect for unique graduation gift.

Laser engraved crystal is basically a block of crystal glass with images, texts, and photos engraved inside. The engraving inside the crystal creates an illusion of a floating image, really fascinating. Laser engraved crystals are often used for awards and trophies, which is great for honorary type of events like graduation.

There is a lot of laser engraved crystal gift retailers in the market and they will provide you with multiple options in designing your crystal gift. If you find it hard to design the engraving for your unique graduation gift, here are top five engraving designs that are fantastic
for graduation.

1. The first design is fairly basic that is often used for graduation. It is a mere combination of a graduation picture, date or year of graduation, and name of the graduate. Although these combinations are simple, you will still arrive with a unique graduation gift.

2. If you want to go for something sentimental, you might like this design. You can actually improve on the first tip. Just use the same idea as the first tip (i.e. graduation portrait, date, and name of the graduate) and add a poem or even a famous quote. The poetry or quote you add establishes a more personal touch, you just made the sentimental and unique graduation gift. Isn’t it awesome? Well, I think so.

3. You may also create a laser engraved crystal award for the graduate. As I mentioned earlier, laser engraved crystals are normally used for awards or trophies. So, why not create an award to the graduate. You will need to get the school’s logo of the to make your “award” more
convincing. You will also need to name the award, such as MVP, No.1, or Best of something. It is a fun and creative way to tell the celebrant how proud you really are of his or her achievements.

4. Another fantastic laser engraving design for a unique graduation gift is a crystal greeting card. I like to call this unique graduation gift design as Crystalized Graduation Wishes. This design is great for a big family or group. You will need to write down all of your graduation greetings on a piece of paper and then scan them in as image files. Organize them on the left side, right side, and bottom or around a graduation picture. I prefer to use these greetings as a border, as it highlights the photograph engraved at the center. But whatever arrangements will do fine. It will really look magnificent and makes a great sentimental and unique graduation gift.

5. Creating a duplicate of the year book of the graduating individual is also an wonderful design for a unique graduation gift. I remember when I graduated, one of the toughest thing to do was saying farewell to my friends. With laser engraved crystal, you can preserve this special
bond. It establishes a constant reminder of the great friends he or she made over the years. The best place to find photos of the graduates’ friends is the yearbook. Look for autographs or photos from the yearbook. You can arrange these items however you want inside the crystal. The recipient will really love this unique graduation gift you designed specially for him or her.

So, there you have it, top five laser engraving design for crystals perfect for graduation event. These are very simple to do. It does not matter which design you wish to use, I am sure that the gift recipient will love it.

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